03 Dec 2013

Be Prepared for Winter Storms – The Importance of Winter Car Safety Kits

Every winter severe winter weather conditions cause several people to end up stranded in their cars for extended periods of time. It is important for everyone who must drive in…

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20 Nov 2013

Midea International Recalls Garrison Oil-filled Heaters due to Fire Risk

Recall Description This recall involves Garrison 1500W oil-filled heaters. The recalled units can be identified by a silver label attached to the underside of the unit bearing the model number…

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13 Nov 2013

Cyber-Bullying: A Very Real Problem

Victims of bullies in earlier generations could often find some peace after leaving school, or in the security of their own homes. However today’s age of unrestrained cell phone and…

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31 Oct 2013

Fire Risk Recall: Schneider Electric IT Corporation – APC SurgeArrest Surge Protectors

This recall involves APC 7 and 8 series SurgeArrest surge protectors manufactured before 2003.  The model and serial numbers are located on a label on the bottom of the surge…

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17 Oct 2013

Help Keep Your Kids Safe during National Walk to School Month

October is National Walk to School Month which is part of a national movement dedicated to children’s mobility, health and happiness in Canada. Walking to school is a great way…

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09 Oct 2013

What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall injuries are no joke.  Throughout Canada, slip and fall accidents are extremely common, and are the leading cause of injury after car accidents. According to Statistics Canada…

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27 Sep 2013

Recall: Gort’s Gouda Cheese Farm Mild Gouda – Risk of E Coli Contamination

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Gort’s Gouda Cheese Farm are warning the public not to eat their Mild Gouda Cheese described below because it may be contaminated with E. Coli. This…

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19 Sep 2013

Tips for Preventing Dog Attacks

Dogs are man’s best friend and provide countless hours of love and affection, however dog attacks are still a very real problem in Canada. An ounce of prevention goes a…

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06 Sep 2013

Why a Personal Injury Lawyer is Your Best Bet

When personal injury occurs it is important to seek help from a personal injury lawyer.  Often times this is the only way to be awarded the full compensation you deserve…

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28 Aug 2013

Get the Facts on Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse It is estimated that anywhere from 2% to 10% of Canada’s elderly in nursing homes may be subject to abuse at the hands of facility workers, with…

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