June, 2017

23 Jun 2017

Do You Know Your Rights As A Bicyclist?

A cyclist was struck on his bike riding along Richmond Street this past week. The cyclist was riding in the designated bike lane, and was hit by a car making…

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19 Jun 2017

Multiple Drowning’s Throughout Canada Shine a Light on Water Safety This Summer

As summer is kicking off and the heat is rising more people are hitting the pool to cool off. Sadly, in the past week there have been multiple child deaths…

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01 Jun 2017

A Toddlers Tragic Death Launches a Review of How Toronto is Keeping Bicyclists Safe on Pedestrian Trails Near Heavy Traffic

A tragic bicycle death has raised concerns across the community launching a safety review of pedestrian trails throughout Toronto – most of which are located near vehicle traffic. A five-year-old…

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