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26 Aug 2016
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Proper Pedestrian and School Bus Safety Can Help Keep Your Children Safer

As students prepare for the upcoming school year, it is important to remind your child of proper road crossing and bus safety rules. Many children travel to school by the…

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05 Aug 2016
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Follow These Steps to Avoid Boating Accidents This Summer

Enjoying Ontario’s beautiful lakes and rivers on a boat or personal watercraft is a perfect way to spend a summer day. During the warm weather months there are more boats…

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04 Aug 2016
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Ontario Police Urge Drivers to Watch Out for Motorcycles This Summer

If you go for a drive around the Greater Toronto Area this summer, chances are good that you will be sharing the road with motorcyclists. There are over 200,000 registered…

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03 Aug 2016
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Proper Pool and Water Safety is Extremely Important During the Summer

Residents of the Greater Toronto Area are lucky to be surrounded with an abundance of beautiful lakes and rivers, as well as many private and public pools. As we enter…

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22 Jul 2016
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New Mobile Phone App Leads to Increase in Distracted Driving-Related Accidents

Distracted Driving is the leading cause of fatal car accidents in Ontario. When drivers take their eyes off of the road to send a text message, read an email or…

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14 Jul 2016
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Talcum Powder Products Linked to Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Talcum powder is a common household product used by thousands of women across Canada for feminine hygiene purposes. Numerous scientific studies have shown for years that long-term use of talcum…

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13 Jul 2016
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Make Bicycle Safety a Top Priority This Summer

Millions of Canadians ride bicycles to commute to work or school, as well as simply to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the Great Toronto Area. Riding a bicycle is fun…

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13 Jun 2016
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Zecuity Sales Suspended after U.S. FDA Issues Safety Warning

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the risk of serious burns and the potential for permanent scarring caused by the use of the Zecuity patch. The manufacturer of…

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06 Jun 2016
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Safety Inspection Removes 30 Commercial Vehicles From Ontario Highways

A recent “vehicle inspection blitz” revealed that a disturbingly high number of commercial vehicles on Ontario’s roads and highways are in violation of required safety protocols. Police officers from Toronto,…

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24 May 2016
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Ontario Considers Unique Measures to Reduce Number of Distracted Driving Accidents

Ontario Provincial Police believe that 2015 was the third consecutive year that crashes caused by Distracted Drivers were the leading cause of traffic accident fatalities in the province. Distracted driving…

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