Bicycle Safety

01 Jun 2017

A Toddlers Tragic Death Launches a Review of How Toronto is Keeping Bicyclists Safe on Pedestrian Trails Near Heavy Traffic

A tragic bicycle death has raised concerns across the community launching a safety review of pedestrian trails throughout Toronto – most of which are located near vehicle traffic. A five-year-old…

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04 May 2017

May is Bike Month in Canada

Bike events will be held throughout the Greater Toronto & Hamilton areas in celebration of 2017 Bike Month, held May 29- June 30th. Bike month is a way to bring…

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24 Jan 2017
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Toronto Announces “Vision Zero Road Safety Plan” for 2017

City officials in Toronto have developed a plan to reduce preventable injuries and fatalities on the roads of Toronto. The “Vision Zero Road Safety Plan” will strategically target at risk…

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28 Sep 2016
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Statistics Show One Bicyclist or Pedestrian is Struck By a Vehicle Every 2.5 Hours in Toronto

New statistics from the Toronto Police Department indicate that this summer was extremely dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians in the Greater Toronto Area. According to Police, 542 pedestrians and 541…

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13 Jul 2016
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Make Bicycle Safety a Top Priority This Summer

Millions of Canadians ride bicycles to commute to work or school, as well as simply to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the Great Toronto Area. Riding a bicycle is fun…

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24 Jun 2015
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Hundreds of Cyclists Protest Outside Toronto City Hall in Favor of Increased Bicycle Safety Measures

Hundreds of bicycle enthusiasts gathered in front of Toronto’s city hall on Friday evening to make their voices heard and call for increased safety measures to protect Ontario’s cycling community….

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