December, 2018

28 Dec 2018
Self Driving Uber Toronto

Self-Driving Uber Vehicles Return to Toronto for Testing

Months after an Arizona woman struck and killed by an autonomous vehicle operated by Uber, the company has resumed testing in the city of Toronto. A detailed article on the…

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27 Dec 2018
Ontario Drunk Driving Laws

Tough New Penalties for Impaired Drivers in Effect

In an attempt to make the roads safer for all drivers, a more-stringent set of penalties for drunk driving have recently gone into effect across Canada. An article on the…

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06 Dec 2018
School Bus Canada

New Provincial School Bus Law Could Set Tone Nationwide

In a move that could—with enough support—soon spread to other provinces, Prince Edward Island has implemented the nation’s strongest penalties for drivers who illegally pass a school bus. A full…

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