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09 Jan 2019
Drunk Driving Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario Reports Increased Number of Impaired Drivers Over Holiday Season

Police in Hamilton, Ontario warn the number of impaired drivers they have encountered over this past holiday season has risen compared to the same timeframe last year. An article detailing…

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03 Jan 2019
Ontario Distracted Driving Laws 2019

Distracted and Impaired Drivers Face Stiffer Penalties in 2019

The government of Ontario has now passed harsher penalties for impaired and distracted drivers—responding to advocates who have called for a crackdown in recent years. A detailed article on the…

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28 Dec 2018
Self Driving Uber Toronto

Self-Driving Uber Vehicles Return to Toronto for Testing

Months after an Arizona woman struck and killed by an autonomous vehicle operated by Uber, the company has resumed testing in the city of Toronto. A detailed article on the…

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27 Dec 2018
Ontario Drunk Driving Laws

Tough New Penalties for Impaired Drivers in Effect

In an attempt to make the roads safer for all drivers, a more-stringent set of penalties for drunk driving have recently gone into effect across Canada. An article on the…

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06 Dec 2018
School Bus Canada

New Provincial School Bus Law Could Set Tone Nationwide

In a move that could—with enough support—soon spread to other provinces, Prince Edward Island has implemented the nation’s strongest penalties for drivers who illegally pass a school bus. A full…

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28 Nov 2018
Defective Medical Devices Canada

Oversight Lacking for Implanted Medical Devices in Canada

While millions of Canadians rely on surgically implanted medical devices, a recent investigation has discovered many surgical implants lack significant scientific evidence to prove their safety and efficacy. A detailed…

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19 Nov 2018
Hockey Injuries

Raising Awareness of Concussions During Hockey Season

With the return of cold weather comes the return of Canada’s national pastime. Hockey season is upon us once again. With this in mind, the staff of Cariati Law wants…

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16 Nov 2018
ATV Safety Ontario

Safety on the Trails

As the snow approaches, sport riders across Canada are preparing to take their snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) out of storage to conquer their favorite winter trails. With this in…

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15 Nov 2018

Safety on the Slopes

The snowy season is—for those who haven’t seen it already—just around the corner. Across Canada, that means people are preparing for another round of winter sports. Millions of skiers and…

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08 Nov 2018
Impaired Driver

Enforcement of Drug-Impaired Driving Raises Concerns in Ontario

In October 2018, cannabis became legal across Canada. Now, researchers and officials are raising concerns about how legalization will affect the number of drug-impaired drivers on Ontario roads—and are looking…

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