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17 Jun 2019

Ministry of Transportation Enhances Truck Inspections

In light of a few recent, high-profile accidents involving heavy trucks, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has pledged to dedicate additional resources to roadside inspections. An article detailing this enforcement…

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23 May 2019

Hamilton Police Complete Distracted Driving Campaign Over Long Victoria Day Weekend

Police in Hamilton, Ontario waged an enforcement campaign against distracted driving over the recent Victoria Day holiday weekend. An article detailing their efforts is available here. Officers in each Division…

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22 May 2019

Do You Have a Case for Wrongful Termination?

Under the law, an employee has the right to reasonable notice of the termination of their employment. Without such reasonable notice, they are entitled to receive adequate compensation to cover…

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10 May 2019

Safe At Sea: Tips for a Good Day on the Water

Don’t let trouble sink your good time. Keep it safe, relaxing, and fun for everyone and avoid trouble with proper precautions. While Parachute states Canada has lost 10,511 boaters between…

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30 Apr 2019

Spring is a Time for Bicycle Safety

As warm weather returns, more cyclists will be taking to our crowded roads. With this in mind, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) presents useful resources to help cyclists stay…

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29 Apr 2019

Safe Driving Tips for Spring

In the spring, warmer weather and longer days bring renewed activity—including to our roads. With the new season comes more drivers, more motorcycles, more bicycles, and more pedestrians. To keep…

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10 Apr 2019

Motorcycles Return to Our Roads

The harsh winter weather is making a retreat—and motorcyclists are anxious to see it go. As spring returns, so too are motorcycles returning to the highways of Ontario. With the…

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28 Mar 2019

New Youth Football Format Could Reduce Brain Injuries

TackleBar—a new format for youth football—could potentially reduce the risk of concussion injuries among young players. A detailed article about the growing popularity of this emerging sport is available here….

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25 Mar 2019

Spring Returns… and Bicyclists Get Ready

The warm, inviting weather of a Toronto spring is not far away. We’re about to enter the prime time for bicyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts to take to the streets….

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18 Mar 2019

Autonomous Vehicles: What Will the Future Bring?

The likelihood of highways becoming populated by fully autonomous vehicles is not as far away as most people once thought. Vehicle manufacturers, tech companies, and entrepreneurs fully expect fully autonomous…

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