Life Insurance Benefit Denials

Approximately 692,320 life insurance policies were purchased by Canadians in 2014, averaging $319,900 per policy. Whether one purchases individual life insurance, group life insurance, or total life insurance, billions of dollars’ worth of policies are purchased yearly throughout Canada. When you have a life insurance policy, you expect that your beneficiaries will benefit from your life insurance policy upon your passing.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case with many major insurance companies. Some insurance companies will withhold life insurance benefits from beneficiaries due to a small minor technicality. Many times they deny a claim due to other issues that an experienced law firm like Cariati Law, can help you navigate through. In Canada, there are two basic types of life insurance policies, both of which are dictated by the premiums paid by the policy holder.

Term Life Insurance – premiums are initially less expensive with this policy increasing as one gets older. There are multiple types of term life insurance policies, including a 10 year, 20 year and 30 year term.

Permanent Life Insurance – these policies typically have “level premiums” – there are 3 different types of policies; Whole Life Insurance, Term to 100 and Universal Life Insurance.

If you are a beneficiary and have been denied life insurance benefits you are not alone. The caring Toronto Life Insurance Lawyers of Cariati Law can help you. Losing a loved one is devastating on it’s own, then dealing with insurance company red tape can be extremely stressful. The benefits you are rightly entitled to receive will help take care of you and your family.

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When you call Cariati Law, one of our experienced Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga Lawyers will examine the life insurance policy at no cost to you. We will answer any questions you have and fight hard to defend your rights as a beneficiary of a Life Insurance policy.

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