School Bullying

A study conducted by the University of Guelph’s Psychology Department found that 50% of local school children reported being bullied within the previous month. Forty-five percent of children said they didn’t  feel safe at school. Some are bullied almost daily.

Many school districts fail to recognize the prevalence of bullying and take no steps prevent it.

Children have been seriously effected emotionally, physically, and many have even committed suicide, as a result of relentless school bullying, cyber bullying and harassment. If your family is a victim of school bullying which resulted in a serious traumatic event, contact the lawyers at the Cariati Law firm for help.

Cariati Law represents children and families who have suffered loss, severe emotional distress and physical harm from bullying. We fight to recover full and fair compensation for those who have been hurt through a school district’s negligence and ineffectiveness. We have the experience necessary to negotiate your accident claim to the maximum result.

If your child has sustained serious injury or losses due to school bullying, Cariati Law injury & disability lawyers are here to help.

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