Personal Injury Lawyers

When your life is disrupted by a serious accident resulting in the injury or wrongful death of a loved one, you need a personal injury and disability law firm in Ontario, Canada with a reputation for honesty and a track record of success.

You deserve straight talk and honest answers from a lawyer who will help you through a difficult time.

A personal injury can refer to any type of harm to a person that was caused by the negligence or malfeasance of another person, business, or governmental entity. Personal injuries can be both physical and psychological.

Types of Personal Injury Cases:

• Road Traffic Accidents
• Work Accidents
• Slip & Fall
• Assault Claims
• Accidents in the Home
• Product Defect Accidents
• Medical and Dental Accidents
• Industrial Disease Cases

Damages that can occur from Personal Injury:

• Medical Expenses
• Lost Earnings
• Property Damages
• Pain and Suffering
• Loss of Consortium
• Emotional Distress

The injury and disability lawyers of Cariati Law help children, individuals and families get through the legal process after being injured or suffering death from an accident. When hurt in a car accident, injured in a slip and fall, victim to a medical mistake or any other type of accident, call Cariati Law to speak with an experienced Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton injury & disability lawyer for FREE. We’ll make sure that your rights are protected.

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